Dog Training

Laying a solid foundation for your pups or
untrained dogs sets them up for a successful future

World Class Training Programs

Our dogs are an important part of our families. Educating them properly from the start helps to set them up for long term success. If you are thinking of adding a new puppy or dog into your family, or If you currently have a dog that is displaying problematic behaviors and simply won’t listen, Advanced Canine Systems has the answer. Let our ACS training specialists turn your pet into a highly motivated, obedient and happy dog!

Evaluation Lessons

In person Behavioral Evaluations are conducted by one of our ACS behavior specialists. During the evaluations we closely observe your dogs in new environments around a number of different stimuli in order to help formulate a customized training plan. This is the first step towards entering any of the ACS training programs.

Private Lessons

One on one training for you and your dog. Want to be more involved in the training process? Private Lessons with one of our ACS canine specialists are held at our training center in Westlake Village, CA. One of our most popular programs, and a great option for anyone who wants to learn how to teach their dogs how to learn!

Training Retreats

Let us do some of the heavy lifting for you! Our extended stay Training Retreats are the perfect way to enhance your dog’s skills and work on anything that needs extra attention. They are also the perfect supplement to any of our other training programs. Training Retreats allow us to dive deep into specific skill sets, potential behavioral issues, and much more.

Full Immersion Schooling

Our most effective program! Includes reliable on and off leash obedience, behavior modification, development of proper socializing skills and more! Your dogs will also have access to all of the amenities offered at the ACS Training Center at no additional cost. Give your dog the experience of a lifetime, and let us help you set them up for long term success!

Our Process

Maximizing Ability

Let us maximize your dog’s abilities and learning potential by utilizing the same techniques we’ve cultivated for our world class Advanced Canine System Working Dogs. We have adapted our training systems specifically to turn your pets into properly socialized, well mannered, highly obedient & happy dogs!!

Custom Tailored Training Programs

We custom tailor our training to best suit each dog’s individual needs. If your dog has behavioral issues that need to be corrected, we will focus heavily on rectifying them. If your dog simply doesn’t obey or follow commands, we will focus on creating healthy motivation to obeying commands, on and off leash.

Importance of Socialization

Our structured socialization sessions allow us to strategically introduce dogs to different kinds of social stimuli and increase their confidence in order to achieve having a well mannered, happy and behaved dog no matter the circumstances.

Educating the Owner

After the training: Educating our clients is just as important to us as training their dogs. We will ensure that both you and your dog are proficient and comfortable enough to enter any situation. Advanced Canine Systems also offers ongoing support for our clients and their dogs. Our staff is always just a call, text, or email away.

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